01. Discover

About the Project

The Context and Challenge

For this project, I was tasked with helping students with Disabilities reach their goals for more independence through online lessons that featured Gamefication as well as adhering to Accessibility Guidelines.

The Brief
  • Improve Onboarding for Students with Disabilities
  • Understand Accessibility Guidelines & User Needs
  • Help motivate Users to continue lessons through Gamefication
  • Personalise Gamefication experience for Users
  • Help build the Me Plus More Community

The Process

First, I need to understand who our Users are and gather insights on their needs, wants and behaviours. Using the Double Diamond Approach, I began with discovering users’ pain points, in order to find potential opportunities. My Research Process included:

  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Accessibility Guidelines
  • Usability Testing
  • Gamefication
  • Final Prototype
Competitor Analysis

Key Insights included Daily Streaks and Rewards, Online Education, Afterpay, Illustrated Notifications, Ease of Use, Clear Course Structure, and an Online Community.


Key Insights:

Through my Research, I was able to gain Key Insights on Designing for Accessibility. These included:

1. Colour Blind Palette
2. Body Text No Smaller Than 16px
3. Less Text, More Space
4. No Pop-ups or Complicated Animations

02. Define

User Personas

To better understand Me Plus More’s users, I created a User Persona based off the UX Research I conducted for Accessibility. From these insights, I was able to discover Independent Annie’s main pain points, motivations and goals. This would be used while designing my prototype to keep her needs at the forefront of my design thinking.

Key Insights:

“I want to be more independent in all that I do! I love learning but don’t like how most website you know everything.

-Independent Annie

User Journey Map

To further understand Annie’s pain points and User needs, I created a User Journey Map to define key phases, actions, touchpoints, thoughts & feelings she might have while trying to learn how to be more independent through gamefication and an online course. As well as possible opportunities for Me Plus More to take in the future.


From these insights, I was able to create a Storyboard to showcase how Me Plus More could find opportunities to help their Users, including Annie and the Accessibility Guidelines. This storyboard illustrates a user end-to-end journey in their future state while using Me Plus More.

03. Design

Ideation Sketches

Prototyping, User testing & Iterations

I first started off with Lo Fi paper prototypes of the

Courses Selection
Course Module

mobile version of the website

Paper Sketches

Using the Crazy8’s Method, I sketched with paper and pencil different ideas for possible Solutions. From these sketches, I narrowed down to a few key ideas.

Digital Wireframes

Initial Prototype

Sign Up & Success Animation


Course Module

System Feedback, Guidance & Daily Rewards

Upgrade Avatar

Interactive Prototype

I created an Interactive Prototype on Figma here